Free Shipping and Promotion Information


Free Shipping Promotion - Promotion will be end until

We will cover the entire shipping cost to your door in any major cities in Canada if your purchasing amount is above 2000$. Cities include Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Windsor, London, Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Vancouver, Victoria, Regina, Saskatoon, Halifax and many more. Note: We only provide Free curb size delivery service. ( Only delivering to ground floor normally referring drive way and garage.) We will charge extra for inside delivery. Please check with us to see if your city is in our Free shipping zone. 


Up to 30% off Promotion - Promotion will be end until

Free Shipping and up to 30% off promotion can't be combined. ( You can only choose one.)  For example, if you live in Calgary and your total ordering amount is 5000 $. Shipping cost from our warehouse in Toronto to your door in Calgary is 900 $.  We decide to give you 22% discount which is 1100 $. Then your final deal is 5000 - 22% plus 900 $ = 4800 $ plus tax. If you live in Calgary and your total ordering amount is 5000 $. Shipping cost to your door is 1500 $. We decide to give you 22% discount which is 1100 $, because shipping cost is higher than the discount we will offer to you, then your final deal will be 5000 $ plus tax. 

Explanation: Our total profit margin is 40% and we offer UP TO 30% discount. The discount ratio depends on how many items and how much you will order. Shipping cost plays a very big role here. Even though we said we will offer you "Free Shipping" but the shipping isn't really free. It will have to deduct from our profit margin. Like the senario listed above, we can't afford to give you 1100 $ discount ( 22% discount ) and pay additional 900$ shipping cost. If we do so, we will make 0 $ in this deal. We consider our profit percentage very low comparing in industrial average and we will need to maintain minimum profit margin to stay in business.)

Note: This promotion will only last for a week. Even though you really need the furniture in few months later, you can leave a deposit right now to freeze the deal.